HTC T-Mobile G1 – Also Known As the Google Phone

HTC T-Mobile G1 – Also Known As the Google Phone

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The HTC T-Mobile G1 is a marvel of a mobile phone with fantastic Google technology which operates on an Android system. The handset has an unusual tilt to its design which really does provide comfort and ease to the user when operating the handset. The user can access controls with ease and quickly as the G1 mobile phone features a Trackball navigation key.

There is a QWERTY keyboard the user can access by sliding the screen to the right with a smooth gliding motion. This marvellous mobile phone weighs 158g but is not too weighty to hold and measures 117.7 x 55.7 x 17.1mm which is a great size for comfort in the hand and to operate the handset easily.Connecting to the internet is possible as this seriously cool mobile phone comes equipped with HTML web browsing technology which is also YouTube and compatible plus a Google Search feature. The user can enjoy speedy and quick connections and fast transfers with the 3G HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS and Wi-Fi technologies plus connecting to other compatible devices with the Mini USB and Bluetooth technologies that are all available on this cracking piece of equipment.The user can enjoy music entertainment on their HTC T-Mobile G1 mobile phone which supports an array of music file formats. The user can make their handset sound unique with a ring-tone and choose any one of the ring-tones that are available on the G1. There is 256 mega-bytes of ROM memory plus 192 mega-bytes of RAM memory of internal memory available but the user can increase this by adding a MicroSD memory card.The user can enjoy the benefits of taking snap shots on their T-Mobile G1 mobile phone as the handset features a built-in 3.2 mega-pixel camera that has a dedicated camera key along with Auto Focus.There are a number of messaging services that the user can enjoy along with the usual services that we come to expect with our mobile phones these days, such as Emailing that features IMAP and POP as well as attachment files as well as the Google Talk and G-Mail feature.The user can enjoy the gaming facilities on the G1 mobile phone and benefit from the assistance of the application tools which are featured on this very stylish handset some of which include Google Maps, Digital Compass, Motion Sensor and GPS navigation to name only a few.Choose a new mobile phone. Read our full HTC T-Mobile G1 review and the Samsung M8800 Pixon review and search mobile phone deals collected from across all the major retailers.

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