The GPS navigation as a rightful production through the travel

The GPS navigation as a rightful production through the travel is unduly useful in that us in the market, and we ardor it everywhere if we are vacationing to somewhere. Here I can show you some latest hairy GPS navigations in that your reference. I am bound you can get somewhere from it. Do you accept the GPS navigations are too precise for you? rightful is ok, at the present there is a new good looks struggle S503 for you in the market, it is very similar cloak S500, however the precise out design has been changed. tangible also introduce the style for the sport fashion, now the dealers just get the goods, the price is now not much, we can afford it. The Mio S503 car GPS navigation adopts the newest version GPS navigation map software, you boundness ruminate the newest version software advertisements at the latest months in the market, this machine is at the present the first onliest to undertake the latest version application machine in 2009. The newest map application is very good being the reaction speed, it does not delay to zoom or slow, but the guide interface under the navigation cli is very verbose being us. For the users, the Mio S503 automobile GPS navigation is a new GPS navigation product, it is very pleasing for it adopts the whole sport out design for us, although the mindfulness is just 64MB, it is not serious for us. M309H is the only one product to adopt the high content screen, compared with the others, it has a metal wiredrawing texture machine body, and actual has the built-in felony lesson navigation software with the whole life free update service due to us. M309H car GPS navigation adopts the 5 inch high denotation interest reveal; corporal has the built-in map software mask the whole life free update service to support RMVB video play for many formats. It adopts the ARM11processor for the basic frequency 600MHz for us. further additionally heartfelt has the big memory as 128MB. Although the function is simple, but the navigation vocation will attract your eyeball.The CEC releases a new car GPS navigation known as G6, authentic is a new GPS manoeuvring with the built-in CMMB digital TV navigation for you in the market, this tension adopts the delicate metal desktop body design as us, and it is very captivating. As existing is a new one, the price is very cheap, you can afford for this one. CEC G6 car GPS navigation has the memory for 4GB, the built-in CA deciphering can support all the wander in the outright country to watch tv programme, besides also it support the document play function for countless media formats such because RMVB; bona fide adopts 5 inch superlative interpretation resolution touch screen, but over my part, the most cash is that the price for this achievement in the market is very low, it is worth choosing for you. CEC G6 car GPS manoeuvring has CMMB digital TV function for us as a new high definition tv manoeuvring of us. You consign love legitimate I am sure.


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