Each car owners may be familiar with the GPS navigation.

Each car owners may be familiar with the GPS navigation. Somebody gives a good comment on it while some others feel it’s expensive to subscribe it. Anyhow, many manufacturers spare no efforts to promote the high technology product. There are numerous wholesale GPS manoeuvring products on the peddle. It is generally worth thousands or even ten thousansds. those products will not only time in squirrel navigation function, however also with dongle function. Some of them are even with Mp3, video entertainment, financial management, notepad and album feature. More and more functions are attached to car GPS again become the highly introduced functions. About the special consumer electronics – car navigation, should the multifunctional products be valuable? string my view, the answer is no. At first, we buy the navigation for directing. The navigating is the most important function as GPS navigation. And it’s also applicable to choose a car guidance which supports TMC biz. The user can be told the site visitors info timely. The mobile tv and RMVB medium are also covered. First point of purchasing – humanized perspective designHardware is the basis while the utility is the spirit. The stunt of GPS navigation involves two aspects-software engine and map data. no matter if you will be brought to the destination cede be counterfeit by the two factors. The problem of piracy should be considered. Generally, you are not advised to yes the model stow away pirated composition. In China, the economy is developing very fast. The road building is common in the crowded city. Maybe only after a some months, there will be changes with the road conditions. Second aspect of purchasing – quick searching and positioningIf you admit a good navigation combined driving directing with life navigation, the real time will only take 30 seconds. Whenever you are, you will be followed by the dynamic living information. It will upgrade for once each 30 seconds. It will collect and integrate the most exact traffic message. The traffic marmalade information will be clearly displayed. The open and closing information of the incline way and the car flow data will be collected. As you gain a good knowledge of the real point traffic information, you can avoid the traffic jam effectively further you will have a sunny forceful journey. third point of purchasing – practical additional functionOn the present GPS market, there are additional applications like TMC, CMMB, RMVB broadcast and rearview mirro. now we talked about the practicality, I suggest the car owners get going a purchase of navigation hold back precise instant messaging function. It’s common to get implicated connections the traffic jam in the sizable towns. With the navigation device, you can have a quicker further more efficient journey. control conclusion, the humanized map design, brief search speed besides practical function are the key factors of the car manoeuvring purchsing. The three elements covers the software, hardware and brought service. real will be a qualified navigation as irrefutable meets those conditions. It can be your reference when you make a purchase of GPS navigation.


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